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The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks As far as I remember, my problem with this book wasn't as much the story as the writing style. That and maybe the fact that I'd watch the movie (numerous times) before reading the book; And I looove the movie to bits. Best love story portrayed on film that I know of. The story line in the book and the movie are pretty much completely the same. But the big difference, for me, lay in the style in which the book is written, as I mentioned. It just seems... that everything's explained in the book. Their emotions and thoughts. It was just a little to much - You didn't have to think a single thought for yourself or wonder about anything. And for some reason it had the opposite effect on me. I had trouble connecting with/getting into the minds of the characters.It became a somewhat superficial read. I never had the same problem with the movie. And it's hard not to compare them, especially since the plot lines are the same. There were some parts of the book, that I really liked though. One of them being the scene where Noah and Allie are sailing on the lake and it starts raining. I loved the way it's described in the book. There were a few others like that as well. And sometimes the narrator/Sparks makes some great - somewhat profound - observations. But all in all, as a whole, I can't say that I'm in love with the book or Nicholas Sparks writing. I might give it another read though. Maybe next summer. Could have been I was having a bad day last time I read it. And the story IS really lovely.