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Foreseen (The Rothston Series) - Terri-Lynne Smiles First things first: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review....And I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. The premise of the story is not something I would usually read. A girl finds out she has the ability to see/sense things (and people) on quantum level and then manipulate them - Like interfere and make people decide to do something different from what would seem the obvious choice for them. Really I'm not at all science-y enough to understand any of this. How unlikely is this in real life? Cause I kind of felt like I do with the wizard powers (and world) in Harry Potter: This might exist. And that right there is what gets this book it's first point with me: It's made this - probably unlikely? - premise of adept people seem quite likely to me. I'm convinced.Secondly: The writing wasn't bad. There wasn't to many typos thrown around to distract the reader. (Major pet peeve of mine. Major.) There was some variation in the language, there were funny points in the dialogue. (I actually quite liked the dialogues between Greg and Kinzie.)The pacing of the story was fine. The build up to the climax at Grand Central Station worked. The characters (for the most part) were believable - maybe especially Greg and Kinzie. And there weren't any major inconsistencies. There was more focus on the plot story line than on the love story between Kinzie and Greg. The love story developed nicely as an addition to the main story revolving the Rothston Institute. 2, 3, 4 pointsOverall the story was a quick and easy read - And that's meant as a positive thing. It didn't blow me away, but one doesn't have to be blown away for it to be a nice read. It was engaging. I wanted to keep reading. I wanted to know how it turned out. How far Rex would get with his plans (to take over the world?;)). And I was involved enough with the characters to be annoyed when Greg didn't go to Kinzie, when she texted him that she needed him - But at the same time I felt with Greg and his frustrations about the situation. And I liked the fact that Kinzie didn't have everything figured out in regards to how she was going to handle combining Greg and college with Rothston. It all felt genuine. 5 points [not to be confused with star-ratings:)]I would say that this is a pretty well executed debut novel in the NA Fantasy/Sci-fi genre. And I would recommend this to NA-readers (and maybe especially ones who're looking for a little more of a story line other than "bad boy meets good girl, ..."), and fantasy and sci-fi readers. And anyone else looking for an entertaining read.This is to be the first in a series. Honestly I liked the open ending. I personally don't need a sequel. BUT I'm sure that there will be many readers out there who would be interested in knowing that happened to the people who got away. (I like to just let my mind wander ... (They got away and are going to take down the Institute and the rest of the world with their evil ways;))