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Every Day

Every Day - My decision to read this was based on the very good ratings and reviews here on goodreads and from booktubers who read/hauled the book. I was expecting something great. This wasn't even "good" to me. I realize I'm in the minority here but never the less.My problems with the book were (to mention a few): The whole discussion of all of the issues that must follow waking up in a new body every day are not giving a lot of attention in the book. The focus is mainly on the plot line: A is in love with Rhiannon - how does A get Rhiannon to fall in love with A. To me it wasn't a very interesting plot line especially given the premise of the book; New body every day while everyone else stays in there own bodies. Wow.Every other minor plot in the story, like the small stories of the bodies A inhabits, felt like they were put in as filling.I never understood why A woke up in a new body every day. Because A doesn't understand. Apparently that is not awfully important.And all of the sudden A is not the only one out there who is forced into a new body from day to day? And all of the sudden changing bodies is solely a good thing, because you can make it work to your advantage? What? Why? To me it was like: "OK, We have a love story. It's not going to work out, we know that, so we need an ending. Here's one: we'll have christian fanatics chase him down, and maybe it's the devil and maybe not - And maybe it fits the story, and maybe not. We'll just scatter some emails through out the story, that should do it." It seemed a bit forced and/or rushed to me?Lastly, I am sorry to say: The writing didn't work for me either. I wasn't into the voice of the story, and the dialogues seemed ... unrealistic. To many things were explained; both in the text and in the lines exchanged between A and Rhiannon. (Don't get me started on the one with the suicidal teenager! "I want to kill myself" "We need to get me help." ...)The messages in the story are very literal. Gender shouldn't matter, you should fall in love with a person not his/hers physical appearance, sexuality is not important (and is perhaps just a society made construction to ease our understanding of each other/to keep each other in well defined boxes). I am a believer in all of the above mentioned points - no need to stuff it down my throat. I hate when books stuff stuff down my throat.All in all I was pretty disappointed in this. I have only read one other book by Levithan: Love is the Higher Law. I, however, loved that book. And I don't remember being annoyed by his writing style in that one, so I am not completely put of reading more of his works yet.