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Providence (Providence, #1) - Jamie McGuire This reminded me so much of "Beautiful Disaster". I guess that when you've found a style that works why change it. This also meant that many of the things I didn't quite get when I was reading Beautiful Disaster were the same that I couldn't completely wrap my head around reading this.OK for one thing this whole "I see her and instantly I know: this is the woman I'm going to marry" is really, really ... weird. And for some reason it's the guys who feel this way. Another thing: why do her guys have this possessive, over the top-overly defending/protecting attitude? As if that is what every girl (secretly) yearns for? It boarders on a sick need or feeling protected - on the girls part. At least to me it does. And then on the other hand the girl wants to make sure she maintains an appearance of independence. I'm not very convinced that she has much of it. Was I supposed to be?Another thing that I'm having some trouble accepting is the idea that the ultimate form of comfort is physical intimacy. As I remember Abbey does that in Beautiful Disasters as well. (She also does a lot of kissing when Travis rage is too overpowering. That's another story.) And then the story is filled with cliché lines. But I can get over those without too much effort - just a bit of eye rolling here and there.I cannot stop myself from wondering though if these stories are McGuire's fantasies about what a guy ideally should be? Probably not. No girl can take that much professing of eternal love, over and over and over and ... No matter how great the guy is.Providence and Beautiful Disaster could be the same book. It's main story line - the love story everything revolves around - is the same. Except for the fact that Jared is "a hybrid": Guy sees girl, falls in love. Girl notices guy, is intrigued. Very. Random circumstance causes the girl to move in with the guy. Temporarily. Neither of them want her to move out again, but she has to, because what would everybody think otherwise? Pure anguish when she has to move out. The two of them decide, that she must move back in. Because the need each other. Oh, and of course there is a drunk incident where ... what is the point of it again?Jared has a bit less anger management issues than Travis Maddox though.From the above written it might be difficult to decipher how I landed on 4 stars. But really there are great things about this book. I did like this a lot. OK so the love story is not really that believable. But when has it ever needed to be for it to make a good love story. This one definitely draws you in though, and that seems to be (almost) all I require. I don't have any real problems with the writing. The minor characters work. They do what they are supposed to. And I think as long as I get to read her stories in one sitting (or just about), and don't take the time to ponder over how twisted I find the relationship, I'm good.