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Bossypants - Tina Fey I didn't really know Tina Fey before. To say that I know her now would obviously be an gross exaggeration I didn't know anything about Tina Fey before except maybe for two facts; 1) she was on SNL (Not that I've ever watched an episode) and 2) She'd portrayed Sarah Palin as a character (Not that I had ever watched clips of that either). I picked up the book because of the hype around it. Or maybe just great recommendations/reviews. I don't remember anymore. I'm glad I did pick it up. I had high expectations, I know that much - And Bossypants probably exceeded those expectations.This was laughing-out-extremely-loud-to-myself-funny at least once in every chapter. At least more than that. Which makes the book in it's entirety awesome. What makes it even more awesome is the fact that Tina Fey (IMO) tops off all the great humour with some great observations; about herself, about women in general, about the industry she works in, women in that industry, society's (men's) perception of women. I read a great deal about women in this, didn't I? Wonder if everyone else did as well, or maybe they took a whole lot more away from it ... Anyways. I really liked her approach to many of the subjects and thought that she was on point a lot of times. For some reason I feel this should be followed by examples. I'm having trouble concentrating enough to come up with any as of right now though. So I'll do without, I guess....Example: She discusses photoshop at one point. The overuse of it and the (potentially damaging) effects it has on society. And what I took away from that part of that particular chapter was: Relax. It's not that big a deal. Yes, there is an extreme use of photoshop today, BUT lets all trust that people buying the magazines and such are smart/critical enough to realize, that this is not! what people (women) look like in real life. I can follow that thought a long way down the road.This will have to do