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The Fame Game (Fame Game Series #1)

The Fame Game - Lauren Conrad This is a quick read. The characters aren't too deep, there aren't any major twists within the plot, any suspense or anything of that sort, the writing isn't amazing. But none of it is bad per se. So all in all it's an okay book. And I would probably rate it with two stars if it wasn't for the fact, that I don't read Lauren Conrads books in the hopes of getting neither deep characters, gripping plots or brilliant writing. No. I was quite a big fan of The Hills and I still totally get a kick out of reading about 'the behind the scenes'-view that these books give. The other side of reality TV. I can't help my self. I find it entertaining, just the way I found The Hills entertaining. And because of that (mostly) the book ends up being a 3 star instead of just a 2. I have to say though, that in my opinion the first two of the L.A. Candy novels were better than this one.